Best Guns Ever Made

Have you ever gone to a museum and seen old guns and wondered how old they are? Are you amazed by the astounding stories behind each piece? If you have wondered how guns evolved over the years, I am about to disclose to you the top 7 best guns ever made. If you are reading this, then chances are that you are totally fascinated by guns. The evolution of rifles has come a long way since the very first model was made. Since then, the likes of Remington Nylon 66, Smith and Wesson Model 29 and even Mosin-Nagant played huge roles in shaping the idea behind what a gun should look like and what it should do.

Different guns in history altered the idea behind guns in different ways. Some, like the famous Mosin-Nagant were made to increase a gun's longevity. Others were made for sheer power and excellence, while others were a straight up disaster in design but could still pack a deadly blow.

Let’s look at the top 7 guns ever made.

1. Browning Auto-5

This work of beauty was developed by John Browning in Belgium who moved production to Japan in the 70s. Although it was discontinued in 1995, this long-recoil autoloader stayed unrivaled for over 50 years. It worked great in any weather and had a powerful kick to it. The long recoil mechanism pushes the entire barrel back when you fire it. This gives is a shuffling kick similar to no other.

2. Remington Model 700

This is practically the first rifle to bear the bolt-action mechanism among all sporting rifles. This gun was first manufactured in 1948.Interestingly, this gun started out as model 721. Although it was quite a good rifle, it sold at a very cheap price. So Remington had to remodel it to a 725 in 1962. This gun became the biggest success among his pick of the best car safes and all the long guns that were ever produced at that time.

3. Winchester Model 21

This gun was made during the depression and eventually became one of America's best classics. John Olin of Western Cartridge Co. decided to buy Winchester when it went bankrupt in 1931 which led to the production of the new Model 21. To demonstrate its durability, Olin did an interesting test. He assembled all the best guns ever made at the time and took them through a torturous firing experience. The Model 21, of course, stood strong effortlessly firing well over 2,000 rounds. This gun never made much profit at the time. However, it remained in production lines as one of Olin's test projects.

4. Hawken Rifle

The Hawken appeared in the 1820s when the hunters needed guns that could shoot long range, were easy to handle on horseback, had a huge kick to knock down large prey and didn't shine in the sun to attract attention. It was then that Samuel and Jacob Hawken rose to the occasion and built the very first of its kind in their shop in St. Luis. These bad boys were heavy, packed with a huge caliber, had thick barrels shortened to around 30 inches and were longer than usual. They also replaced the brass trim with plain iron.

5. Weatherby Mark V

This beauty of quality workmanship was produced just around 56 years ago. Just seeing the gun and not knowing the history behind it makes you question why people made such a fuss over it back then. But the truth of the matter is that this thing of beauty actually changed the ideology of making guns altogether. A joint production of designer Fred Jennie and Roy Weatherby, the famous Mark V had an astoundingly smooth and shiny finishing of metal and wood at a time of dull steel and rough wood. It had nine small lugs when people used two. And it was suited for left-handed shooters when there wasn't any other rifle that facilitated this. Above all, this gun came with a fire-breathing magnum, longer range, sheer fire-power and jaw-dropping accuracy.

6. Model 1903 Springfield

An interesting piece of history lies behind this rifle. It was used to fight quite a number of wars and was loved by the mighty soldiers who bore it. However, the intriguing part does not lay with its elaborate accuracy, immeasurable power, amazingly long range that made it survive to the dawn of the World War II. No, sir. The story lies where Mauser-Werke actually filed a suit against the US on a basis of patent infringement. And won! During the Spanish-American war, the US military realized that the Spanish's 1989 model of this gun was way more powerful than theirs. So they got their gunsmith to copy it in an attempt to win the war.

7. Remington Nylon Model 66

This gun is the very first of its kind, made of nylon. Yes, you read right. Nylon! Back in 1959, when DuPont was the owner of Remington, the company first made their first .22 rifles where they replaced wood with Nylon. The result? A, light, indestructible, weirdly brown colored rifle that could pack a surprisingly strong punch. This was the first time that someone came with such an invention. This changed the ideology behind structural design of guns completely. This gun survived in the market for 20 years before it was replaced by a better design. The people loved it and malfunctions were rarely reported.

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