About Me

My name is Mark Wilkman and I am a historian working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I graduated from Stanford University in 1998 having acquired a degree in Archeology. I was born in Texas in back in 1981. I grew up in a happy family of 4 including my adorable mother, father, and 2 siblings. Growing up in Texas, I was always told stories of cowboys and the death-defying gunfights and duels that happened during the old cowboy days. My dad unraveled many stories behind antique guns designed ages ago and the legends that wielded them. These stories have always stuck with me thus my undying passion for guns and their astonishing histories.

I have had a number of publications on guns over the years of my career and I am currently working on a new one. I enjoy sharing my passion for guns and I have traveled in a number of countries to do research on the same. It is my hope to unravel as much as I can for years to come for as long as my health allows me.


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